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Delleck Brand Story : Who we are

In 1981, my grandmother Della Leckie Milholen was a seasoned, revered LPN at a community hospital in Hot Springs, AR when she asked her daughter-in-law, my mother, to help sew pockets onto her nursing uniform. The thick, white polyester uniforms were not designed with function in mind. For years my grandmother employed the help of my mother and my aunt to sew additional pockets onto her uniform, using matching fabric by shortening the garments and using the leftover material to fashion pockets and loops to hold her critical instruments she needed for her patients. 

Forty-one years later, after hearing my cousins, friends and neighbors all complain of the same problem - the never ending quest to find the perfect scrubs that are flattering AND functional- we decided to solve the problem.  Leveraging my background in running direct-to-consumer brands, we set out to disrupt the scrubs industry by providing flattering, highly functional tech scrubs for the medical community.

Delleck Scrubs is named after my late grandmother, Della Leckie.  Della was incredibly selfless and always willing to help anyone who was in need. That same ethos drives our brand today.  We believe no human is illegal, love is love, Black Lives Matter, women’s rights are human rights, and kindness is everything. We know that having varied perspectives drives better ideas. We create relevant marketing for our diverse healthcare communities. We listen and engage with our customers regularly. And we value teamwork with our diverse contractors, partners, and suppliers.

And having fun is at the heart of our business! 

Massive thank you to my dear friend Jeffery Parrish at Saibon Studios for E-commerce Production for bringing the products to life as Creative Director and Photographer for our first brand shoot! Hair and makeup by the very talented Natural Glam by Leann 


Wrapping our first photoshoot:


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